Introduction of the company

Achieving Quality Satisfaction and Inspiring Customers. Pyeongsan Bolt Machine Industry CO.

This is Pyeongsan Technology Co., Ltd., where we practice quality satisfaction and inspire customers.

Hello, I’m Seo Im Soon, CEO of Pyeongsan Technology Co., Ltd.

Starting with Pyeongsan Bolt Machine Industry established in 1976, we produce bolts, nuts, and machine parts that are essential elements of industrial infrastructure construction. In 2008, Pyeongsan Bolt Machine Industry Co., Ltd. was established and became a leading hot forging company in Korea.

Through constant research and development, we have obtained various patents and have done our best to satisfy our customers with a challenging spirit and proven technology, and we are supplying 2,700 core parts to 50 companies, including Hyundai, Doosan Infracore, and other industrial vehicle manufacturers.

Based on the technology and trust accumulated for more than 50 years, Pyeongsan Bolt Machine Industry Co., Ltd. will make a 100-year-old company that does our best to satisfy customers and contributes to the development of the national industry!

Thank you.

CEO Seo Imsun